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About This Policy

Effective date:
March 21, 2005
Last updated:
July 14, 2006
Responsible IUPUI Campus Division:
Finance and Administration
Responsible IUPUI Campus Office:
Environmental Health and Safety
Responsible IUPUI Campus Administrator:
Rich Strong, Director, EHS
Policy Contact:
Primary contact person

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Food Service Policy Appendix AIN-FIAD.EHS.06A

The IUPUI administration formally approves official campus administrative policies through an established process, publishes those policies in a consistent format, and maintains official campus policies in a central, readily accessible policy website. Responsible administrators (as defined below) and their offices, that are engaged in developing and maintaining campus-wide administrative policies must comply with the procedures in this policy for drafting, approving, revising, distributing, maintaining, and withdrawing campus-wide policies. Academic policies are available on the Faculty Council website.

This policy is in accordance with University Policy UA-08, Establishing University Polices.


This policy applies to all operational areas of property owned or operated by the University and to all staff, faculty, students, and guests of the University community.  This policy applies to events that are either open to the public or are otherwise not Internal Events, as defined herein, and where food service is planned.

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Policy Statement

Public food service within the State of Indiana is regulated by the Food Protection Program of the Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH) and, as delegated by the ISDH, by local jurisdictions.  The commercial sale of food products at IUPUI is currently regulated by the Department of Food Safety of the Marion County Health Department (MCHD).  The Department of Food Safety enforces an ordinance modeled after federal and state food protection regulations and is found in Chapter 8 of The Code of The Health and Hospital Corporation of Marion County, Indiana.

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Reason for Policy

From time to time, approved IUPUI student groups and others affiliated with the IUPUI campus participate in various events, including fundraisers, which involve the sale of food to students, faculty, staff, and the public.  Any sale of foodstuffs may present an opportunity for the spread of communicable and foodborne illnesses.  Due to the nature of food service, any food-related disease outbreak has the potential of affecting a large number of individuals.  IUPUI had promulgated this policy in order to exercise oversight with respect to the events within the scope of this policy so that all food products intended for human consumption and offered for sale on campus are managed in a manner to address the risk of foodborne illness.

Fixed food service operations on the IUPUI campus are currently licensed by the MCHD and are inspected by the agency on a frequency appropriate for the nature of the food served.  This policy is intended to provide guidance for events involving the sale of food that are not currently licensed or sanctioned by the MCHD including, but not limited to, temporary food service such as those seen at community events and festivals or student fundraiser events that involve the sale of food.

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This policy does not apply to Internal Events which include most intradepartmental functions such as holiday pitch-in meals or “treat tables,” complementary meals for a department’s faculty, prospective students or graduates, recognized student organization meetings, campus service projects with donated food and the like.

Event organizers not sure whether or how this policy applies should contact EHS at 274-2005.

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Recognized Student Organization Fundraiser Events Involving the Sale of Food



Food Sources:

  • Only fresh food items from an approved commercial source such as a grocery store may be used in the preparation of food items to be served at the event.  The use of home-canned food products (including peppers, salsa and tomatoes) is strictly prohibited.  The resale of food items prepared at a licensed food service establishment (e.g., pizza) is acceptable.


Food Handling:

  • Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water before food preparation begins.
  • Ensure that no children or animals are in the kitchen area while preparing or handling food items.
  • Ensure that all utensils and equipment used in the preparation or serving of food items have been adequately washed and sanitized prior to use.
  • Baked good are to be thoroughly cooked.  The presence of raw dough in the finished product will be considered an unacceptable food item.
  • Foods must be protected with a covering to prevent contamination during transportation.
  • Food products must be shielded or covered to protect from consumer contamination.  All baked items must be either covered in plastic wrap or enclosed in zip-lock baggies, and must be labeled with the name of the individual donating the item.
  • Potentially hazardous food items as referenced herein intended for immediate consumption, including pizza, must be managed by a concept known as “time in lieu of temperature control.”  Such items may be held for a period of up to four (4) hours outside of mechanical temperature control provided that the package containing the food item is marked with the time that it is removed from temperature control (e.g., the time that pizza is removed from the pizza oven).  Event organizers must be able to demonstrate that a procedure is in place to monitor this time period.  The food item must be discarded once the four (4) hour period has elapsed.


  • Food is to be served by means of tongs, spoons, spatulas, or gloves.  Bare-hand contact with ready-to-eat foods is prohibited.
  • Eating, drinking, and smoking by event volunteers during food service is prohibited.
  • Volunteers must wash hands at frequent intervals while serving food and immediately following activities such as eating, drinking, smoking, or the use of the restroom facilities.  Handwashing stations will be provided on-site by the event organizers and are also available in nearby campus building restrooms.  The use of hand sanitizer is not an acceptable substitute for handwashing.
  • Volunteers serving food items must wear a hat, hairnet, visor, or scarf.



  • Potable (drinkable) water must be provided from an approved source.
  • Ice used to chill food and packaged drinks cannot be used for consumption.


Please refrain from participating in the Fundraiser event if you or any of your family members have experience gastrointestinal flu-like symptoms including nausea, vomiting or diarrhea within 48 hours prior to the event or if diagnosed with any of the following illnesses:  Salmonellosis, Shigellosis, Shigella toxin-producing Escherichia coli, Hepatitis A, or Norovirus.

By applying to be a participant in this approved Fundraiser event, food contributors and food handlers agree to abide by the provisions of these guidelines.


Signed this _________________ day of __________________, 20____


__________________________________________________________  Event Organizer


Printed or Typed Name


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EHS:  IUPUI Department of Environmental Health and Safety

Event Open to the Public: For purposes of this policy, an “event open to the public” is any event or function that:

  • Is sponsored, organized or hosted by any group of University students, faculty or staff;
  • Is held on University property;
  • Includes a Temporary Food Establishment as defined by the MCHD and this policy or includes approved fundraisers involving the sale of food as defined in this policy;
  • And either or both of the following:
  • Is intended to be open to anyone without reference to affiliation with the University; or
  • Is advertised as being open to the public in any media.

Fundraiser: An organization exempted from state gross income tax under applicable legal authority may offer food for sale at an event for the benefit of the organization without meeting the requirements of state or local food regulations provided that:

  1. Members of the organization prepare the food to be sold.
  2. The organization (IUPUI) conducts no more than 30 days of events in a calendar year.*
  3. The name of each member who prepared the food item must be attached to the container in which the food item has been placed.

*According to regulatory interpretation, a single event on any given day constitutes a day towards the maximum number of days available.  Multiple events on any given day also constitutes a single day.

Fundraiser Advisory Committee: The Fundraiser Advisory Committee (for the purpose of selling food) shall be comprised of the Director of Campus & Community Life, or his/her designee, and a representative of a recognized student organization as designated by the Undergraduate Student Government.

Internal Event: An event or function where the attendees are limited to the group’s internal members that occurs on university property.

Potentially Hazardous Foods: Foods that, in order to be safe, must be stored and displayed either refrigerated (41¡ F or below for the cold foods such as custard, mayonnaise-based food, and the like) or heated (135¡ F or above for cooked meats, casseroles, hot side dishes, and the like.)

Provider: The current on-campus contracted food service vendor or, as approved by the IUPUI Administrator of Food Contract Services, a caterer or other food service facility that is under the inspection authority of a federal, state or local health department.

Temporary Food Establishment:  “A food establishment that operates for a period of no more than fourteen (14) consecutive days in conjunction with a single event or celebration” as defined in Title 410 of the Indiana Administrative Code (IAC) 7-24-98 (October 13, 2004) (as enforced by the Indiana State Department of Health) and referenced in Chapter 8 of The Code of The Health and Hospital Corporation of Marion County Indiana (as enforced by the Marion County Health Department).

University: Indiana University and properties thereof administered by IUPUI.

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Enforcement of this policy is delegated to the IUPUI Department of Environmental Health and Safety.  EHS will utilize an educational approach in addressing issues or concerns arising from the application of this policy, will work in conjunction with affected parties and may utilize the appropriate regulatory authorities as a resource as necessary.  The IUPUI Department of Environmental Health and Safety is empowered to halt any unauthorized event or any event found not to be in substantial compliance with the provisions of this policy.

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Contact Information

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Web Addresses

Title 410 of the Indiana Administrative Code (IAC) 7-24, Retail Food Establishment Sanitation Requirements as enforced by the Indiana State Department of Health.

Chapter 8 of The Code of The Health and Hospital Corporation of Marion County, Indiana.

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Related Information

Additional guidelines on IUPUI Special Events can be found at: or by calling 274-2642.

IUPUI Campus Administrative Policy IN-FIAD.EHS.06A – Recognized Student Organization Fundraiser Events Involving the Sale of Food

IUPUI Campus Administrative Policy IN-FIAD.EHS.06B – Memorandum regarding Campus-Approved Service Providers, Dated February 1, 2005

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Document Change Log

Date Contact Email Status
3/2005 R. Martin Initial Policy Effective Date
7/2006 R. Martin   Revision
3/2014 K. Reeves Converted policy to template

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